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So Gab (South Gabrielle) What a Cool Street.


Sometime in 2006 it will be our fourth year living on So Gab. When we were saving for a house, we want to make sure that it's near Gadsden Park . We finally found this one crack house on So Gab. The house was at its worst shape. Side door was broken in. When the realtor showed us the house, it smelled so bad. Everything about the house was just wrong. Former residents must have left in a hurry. Rotten food was left in the fridge. Toilet leaked. Anything that could turn a buyer down....you name it..

I heard stories of people saying "Ooh, I fell in love with my first house." Or "I just know I had to have it..." and lots of flowery comments. Not our house on So Gab. But hey, the backyard got potential!! Big trees, live oak...etc. So we convinced ourselves, we can do it.

No Turning Back

Soon, I'll post a pictures of what we when through to get this house liveable. It's not an extreme homemakeover, of course. HGTV has never showed up wanting sponsorship. It was just my husband (aka the mule) who worked like a dog to move us in. He is my Extreme Home Make Over guy....actually him and Donny, our master carpenter friend. The one and only carpenter we would let work at our house. He's the best in building anything out of wood. Stop by his web site and you'll know what I mean. I helped sometimes but most of the time I was too depressed to get motivated.

First day of moving in, Chocolate the dog, peed all over the house. She did that all the time....everytime we moved to a new place. And she kept it up for a week or so.

First day of moving in, we slept like two rocks.

2014 Update

Donnyboy has done another excellent job on This Old House. Our one nasty storage room and even more nasty bath + laundry room are now completely transformed. We now have a working second bathroom (after 10 years) with one spiffy walk-in shower.

I hope HGTV call our one and only, best of the best master carpenter up one day. I have to warn Donnyboy not to curse too much.




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