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Kaye's a local Tampa artist and master gardener. Kaye maintains a very beautiful garden here on Gabrielle Street. In addition to taking care of her landscaping clients, Kaye is a painter and an artist.

Kay makes decorative planter boxes call hypertufa, stepping stones and various garden decor items including really really beautiful gourd birdhouses and gourd paintings for her own garden as well as for her landscape clients. We have been bugging her to feature her products here. She said A-OK.

Here are just some of her sample pieces. If you live in the Tampa area, please call us at 813-625-3484 and will put you in touch with Kaye.

And if you'd like your own unique custom made garden decor, let us know. Whether it's a personalized stepping stones, hypertufa planters, or painted gourds, Kaye can custom made the products for you.

garden ornament: mosaic hanging moon

(12" tall, 10" wide, 1" thick)

Both sides are "hand" cut stain glass pieces and mirrors applied on concrete form....


Stained Glass Garden Bird Stake

Made of stain glass and copper foil. Stands approximately 22" tall
(including stake)

Stained Glass Garden butterfly Stake

Made of stain glass and copper foil on twisted coper stake. Approximately 30" tall
(including stake).

Garden Decor: Garden Butterfly Stake

Price: $10.00

Garden butterfly stake with red glass intwined in twisted copper stake.Approximately 35"tall.

Alpine Butterfly House

"One of A Kind" Butterfly House

Made of wood and stucco placed on wood platform base with decorative fence and fake copper lamps. House has false dormer windows and chimney on a wood shingle roof. The fascia is rustic bark.The "Bavarian" design is hand painted on stucco and the front doorway protrudes for a functioning "butterfly" entry so they can lay their eggs inside.


Garden Art: Painted Rock
Thatch-roof rock house

Acrylic with sealer.
( 5" tall x 6" wide).

Painted Rock
Shingle-roof rock house

Acrylic with sealer.
(6" tall x 7" wide).

Painted Rock: Hosta
"Hosta" rock on black background

(6" tall x 7" wide)


Garden Decor: Mosaic Glass Insulator
Shabby Chic design



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