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South Tampa Online Garage Sales

Welcome to GabGear, our South Tampa's garage sales for slightly used to very used items. Well, actually, if you visit long enough, you may even find brand new items!!

After moving several times all over South Tampa, Florida, we finally had enough :) South Gabrielle Street is where we will stay for the rest of our lives. So everything in the storage must go. We are ready to liquidate our U-Haul assets. Please, if you land on GabGear, BUY SOMETHING!! It's really not that expensive. And if you live in South Tampa neighboorhood, contact us if you would like to see the stuff.

CAUTION: If you do not live in South Tampa and are dying to buy from here (we hope you do), CALL before you starting spending. We have not worked the shipping costs in our prices and payment system. Our shipping choice is UPS. We'll get the cost and you pay the shipping.

Well, if you have read this far, we thank you. By the way, we plan to put up more items on this online garage sales. So, come back again soon.

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